Information that helped my freelancing journey

I’m only a few years into a freelance web design career. Freelancing originally allowed me to work from home and spend time with my bulldog as he gets older. Now, freelancing allows me to work from a T-mobile 4g hotspot. Working online made it a lot easier to do the van life routine while building the bus conversion. I still have a lot to learn and won’t be writing an exact how to guide just yet. You can figure out how to apply these podcast and books to your exact situation / skill set. There are links spread throughout the paragraphs below.

Work day at the beach

Work day at the beach

First, I happened to listen to a Tim Ferris interview on the Joe Rogan podcast. That led me to the Tim Ferris book The Four Hour Work Week. People get hung up on the title. Just try it. It will change the way you think and strategize about your next project. It’s a little outdated at this point but still applies. Tim Ferris also has a free podcast with a bunch of top notch guest. The Derek Sivers interview is probably my favorite. The Mike Rowe interview is also great and relates directly to freelancing.

The Four Hour Work Week motivated me to start consuming as many business related podcast as possible.  I came across Entrepreneur on Fire podcast (EOFire) while hunting for more Tim Ferris content. EOFire is 30-minute success stories with great information and lessons to motivate you. EOFire will probably lead you to other information that fits your exact learning style, skill set, etc.

Entrepreneur on Fire led me to The Side Hustle Show. Lot’s of great interviews with practical information that can be applied at all levels. The episodes about making a business are what applied directly to my getting started in web design. You can sell all kinds of services on Fiverr. Writing, graphic design, logo design, voice over work, web design, web development, and even odd creative services all sell well on Fiverr. Spend some time learning one of these skills. Youtube has plenty of great educational videos and there are also premium sites that offer free trials, like

At this point, I was testing a small-scale agriculture project that involved raising quail. This testing was part of a homesteading plan. The bus conversion project is also part of that overall homesteading plan. I needed a Quail website, so I turned to youtube. Followed a step by step three hour tutorial and made my first WordPress website Then I made a few other sites for practice.

I knew a few other small business owners that needed websites and local SEO work. It was pretty easy to get their business by being available in person and offering a solution to their delayed website plans. This AMA has some great info and strategies related to web design.

Improvised power station for working at the beach

Improvised power station for working at the beach

I also set up a Fiverr account based on the advice in this Side Hustle podcast. Fiverr made a good training ground for dealing with clients in a virtual setting. I still make regular Fiverr sales of over $100 and only take a few hours to complete. I rarely sell just $5 “gigs”. is a similar site that may help you acquire clients early on. I found that your client’s request will help guide you to the next most important thing to learn.

Feel free to ask questions and I’ll definitely respond.

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