Finishing Bus Conversion Walls

Finished bus conversion counter

I used 220 grit sandpaper and oil based, satin polyurethane to finish the bus conversion walls and kitchen counter. For simplicity, I will keep the focus of this post to one section of the bus. Same process applies for all the walls.

School bus conversion counter

The kitchen counter is a prebuilt unit but didn’t come with finished side panels. So I had to add some sanded 1/4″ lauan plywood. This is the same material I used for the bus conversion walls.



Finishing bus conversion kitchen countertop

Here is the lauan plywood cut and test fit.



Skoolie kitchen counter

Prebuilt counter after being hand sanded with 220 grit sand paper.



Boondocking work spot

Improvised work spot by the side of a river in Oregon.



sanding bus conversion panelling

Sanding the walls panels that aren’t already attached. The attached walls were also sanded with 220 sand paper.



skoolie wall panelling

After polyurethane is applied. The polyurethane was easier to apply on the unattached wall panels, less worry and monitoring for drips. I used a roller to apply the polyurethane then went back over the surface with a foam brush. I felt like this sped up the process.



polyurethane on bus conversion panelling

The polyurethane drying on the panels for the side of the kitchen counter.



Finishing kitchen counter

Clamping, wood gluing, and screwing the finished panels in place. I used trim screws instead of nails.




An example of how the finished walls turned out.

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