My experience with bus conversion insurance

Bus conversion insurance

I called Progressive and describe the bus conversion project. They agreed to insure the bus under a commercial policy with restrictions being that the bus would stay within a hundred miles of my mailing address and that there would be no passengers or trailers towed. The commercial insurance plan was full coverage but only covered the $3200 purchase price of the bus. The monthly cost for the commercial policy was about $80 per month. It was only an additional $10 per month for full coverage.

The Progressive commercial plan would cover me during the build process. My intentions were to get a National General RV insurance plan once the bus conversion was completed. At one point I was actually under the impression that this was my only option for insurance on a bus conversion. Once the bus was to a respectable point I made an attempt to switch to National General. I was denied because of a previous accident where I wasn’t at fault but my insurance company had to pay out money until recovering the money from the at fault insurance company. National General said this incident would make me ineligible for three years.

I saw someone in a forum mentioning a school bus conversion being insured through State Farm. I called State Farm and got a very helpful agent. She managed to arrange a plan where the bus was fully covered for a value of $27,000. The only catch was I had to insure my car with State Farm also. The total monthly cost for my car insurance(minimum) and bus conversion insurance(full coverage) is $180 per month. I was paying $160 per month to insure both vehicles through Progressive. Here is the State Farm agent’s email in case you are trying to get bus conversion insurance in Oregon

Now I can tow the dingy car behind the bus conversion and there is no mileage restriction on the adventure. Also, it’s nice to have the peace of mind that months worth of work is insured. Makes me a little less hyper-vigilant about the bus conversion.

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