Diy Product Photography Studio in the Bus Conversion

Product photography

I decided to put together a quick to deploy and compact product photography studio. This allows me to take photos for my own projects and my web design client’s projects.

And figured I would put this post together because product photography could make a good side hustle for someone living the digital nomad/tiny house kind of life. The whole set up doesn’t take up much space. You could start an account with a freelancer type site or make your own WordPress site and start promoting it.

Product photography equipment

The Rebel Eos t5 camera kit came with two lenses (EF-S 18-55mm IS II + EF 75-300mm). I also purchased an $80 Extension Tube for taking macro shots without having to purchase a $400 dedicated macro lens.


Product photography

There is a great kit on Amazon that is only $55. Includes 3 lights, 3 light stands, 2  light reflecting umbrellas, and a carry case for it all. You can make one kit work but I’ve recently purchased another.



Product photography

One of the three stands is shorter and doesn’t include an umbrella. I just use a piece of tissue paper to make a quick sort of lamp shade to diffuse the light.





Product photography

The roll of white butcher paper came from the craft store. Makes for an easy to deploy backdrop. The cell photo exposure doesn’t show how bright everything is. But I still needed a fourth light to balance everything out.



Product photography

I added a cheap work clamp light with an extra product photography light I ordered off Amazon. Taping cheap tissue paper over the lights gives you the light box effect. The 18-55mm worked fine for this particular size of product



Product photography studio in school bus tiny house

Gives you a better idea of how bright the lights are. This is the outside of the bus at night while all the product photography lights are on. Sunglasses would be a good idea…



Product photography

Happened to be photographing graduation cords this time. I made a template to make sure all 40+ images had the same alignment.



Product photography

This remote switch for the camera was only $11 or $12. This is supposed to prevent the camera from shaking as you take the shot.



Product photography

Final product after editing. Learning how to adjust the camera exposure setting was critical. The auto settings will dull down the light. Soon I’ll put together a post on adjusting the camera settings and editing the images. I still have a little more to learn first. But of course Google and YouTube make it easy to self educate.


Purchase list:

Canon T5 Camera kit with 2 lenses and carry case included.

Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit by LimoStudio, LMS103

4 Extra 23 watt product photography lights

SMDV Remote Shutter Release Cable for Canon Digital Rebel T5i

Extension tube for macro shots

Cheap $7 aluminum work clamp light

Roll of white butcher paper from the craft store

Pack of tissue paper for diffusing light from bare bulbs.

Tripod from craigslist


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