Internet for Tiny House/Bus Conversion

Reliable and fast internet for the tiny house/ bus conversion is key to running my business and leading this digital nomad lifestyle. I stressed a lot over the internet options before entering tiny house/bus conversion lifestyle…

I’ve had great luck with T-Mobiles unlimited internet cell phone plan. I get two phones + faster internet option added to one of the phones for $125 per month. Both phones have unlimted internet/4g hot spots available. Although only one of the phones has the faster speed option enable. You can browse web pages at the slower speed but anything else will require paying the $25 per month for the faster 4g option. My older Samsung S3 phones both have hotspot options built into the phone.

The service seems to be truly unlimited.  I’ve already used 300 gigs this month and we are only halfway through the service period! Although tmobile will deprioritize your 4g connection after you go over 50 gigabytes. This only affects you if you are in a high use area while a lot of other users are online. I only had this happen during peak hours in Portland a few times. Most of the time this isn’t a factor that will affect you.

The service has worked great in the Oregon and Washington area. I’ve found this T-Mobile 4g coverage map to be accurate so far.


Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. I will definitely respond when I get the chance.