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Internet for Tiny House/Bus Conversion

Reliable and fast internet for the tiny house/ bus conversion is key to running my business and leading this digital nomad lifestyle. I stressed a lot over the internet options before entering tiny house/bus conversion lifestyle… I’ve had great luck with T-Mobiles unlimited internet cell phone plan. I get two phones + faster internet option added to one […]

Diy Product Photography Studio in the Bus Conversion

I decided to put together a quick to deploy and compact product photography studio. This allows me to take photos for my own projects and my web design client’s projects. And figured I would put this post together because product photography could make a good side hustle for someone living the digital nomad/tiny house kind of […]

Floating Wine Bottle Plank with Lichtenberg Wood Burning

I had some leftover wood after making a headboard with Lichtenberg woodburning. So I decided to make a few of these floating wine bottle planks. Here is a quick view of the wood burning in process Measure 14 1/8″ and mark A chop saw is the best way to cut the foot of the floating […]

How to Start Your Own WordPress Blog or Site

WordPress is free open-source software with a lot of powerful tools available to grow your site. Almost 25% off the web runs on WordPress. You can set up a simple Blog or use Plugins, like Woocommerce, to create a large e-commerce site with variable products. Google also prefers WordPress over other Content Management Systems. Choosing Web […]

My experience with bus conversion insurance

I called Progressive and describe the bus conversion project. They agreed to insure the bus under a commercial policy with restrictions being that the bus would stay within a hundred miles of my mailing address and that there would be no passengers or trailers towed. The commercial insurance plan was full coverage but only covered […]

Railing for Bus Conversion Stairs

  Using Home Depot’s parking lot to work on the railing for the bus conversion stairs. #ProductiveVanLife     I built the railing in place then removed it for staining. Here is the first board screwed down with 3-inch screws. #improvcarpentry       Got the 2 x 4 frame together. Used 3-inch screws and […]

Finishing the Bus Converion Flooring

Time to finish the flooring.     Adding 1 x 2 furring strips   Adding 1″ OSB subflooring   Using Home Depots lot to finish the flooring.   I put the flooring in place then marked the cut line from underneath.   The flooring is pretty straight forward. Now I can add the railing and […]

Finishing Bus Conversion Walls

I used 220 grit sandpaper and oil based, satin polyurethane to finish the bus conversion walls and kitchen counter. For simplicity, I will keep the focus of this post to one section of the bus. Same process applies for all the walls. The kitchen counter is a prebuilt unit but didn’t come with finished side […]

Information that helped my freelancing journey

I’m only a few years into a freelance web design career. Freelancing originally allowed me to work from home and spend time with my bulldog as he gets older. Now, freelancing allows me to work from a T-mobile 4g hotspot. Working online made it a lot easier to do the van life routine while building […]