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Staining Trim for a School Bus Tiny House

Improvising a work spot while traveling.     I used cheap 1×2 and 1×4  furring strips for the trim. Hand sanding with #220 grit sandpaper worked well enough. But I started using a palm sander later in the project and now wouldn’t recommend hand sanding. The sander was much faster and made a better final […]

Schoolie Paint Job (Part 3)

Second coat of paint before the tape was removed. The grill still needs to be painted at some point in the future.   Second coat of paint before the blue lines are painted on.   Taping off for the blue lines was really tedious. But this step decides how the final product will turn out […]

Skoolie Paint Job (Part 2)

First coat of skoolie paint.   First coat   Notice the reflection on the hood. This is still the first coat.   The grill was easy to take off. I left the stop sign for now because body work would have killed the project momentum. The stop sign will probably be removed at some point. […]

Bus Conversion Paint Job (Part 1)

I prepped and painted the bus on a Portland side street. It took about 3 days to complete over the labor day weekend. The response from the neighborhood incredibly positive. People seemed to enjoy watching the transformation and I lost count of the amount of people who stopped to make positive comments. With that said, […]